Tuesday, July 26, 2011


   As per CWC decision , southern ,south western and south central railway conducted  their SOUTHERN SUMMIT at GUNTAKAL TOWN  of  SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY  in GUNTAKAL DIVISION . on 20 th July 2011 .It was conducted  in  railway community hall . A rally of all loco pilots (of three zonal railway ), also marched past to DIVISIONAL RAILWAY MANAGER  of fice with chanting of  various demands slogan and a group of musical drum party. Around three hundred loco pilots has participated in this  summit .

      Welcome address delivered  by ..G.N.SHAW. DIVISIONAL SECRETARY / GUNTAKAL DIVISION. Inaugural address by  com. M.N.Prasad SECRETARY GENERAL  ALL  INDIA / AILRSA.COM.K.SURY KUMAR  ZP/ AILRSA/ SCR ,com. L.MONY. com. GEOMY GEORGE ,com. C.SUNISH. com. K.PARTHASARTHY .com .P.N.SOMEN. com. M.KANAKAIAH (HYB ). com .SREEKUMAR (SC) com.R.S.PANDIAN.( Madurai). com.R.BALARAMAIAH.(GTL). com. N. MAHALINGAM ( GTL )  and many more speakers addressees the gathering . Here are few photograph...

 March toward DRM' office.

Drum Group ahead the procession.

Gathering infront of DRM's office.

Flag hoisting by ZONAL PRESIDENT /SCR /K.Sury kumar.

Flower tribute to martyrdom

Inside view of community hall.


Welcome addressee.Com.G.N.SHAW.DS /GTL.DIV./AILRSA

Com. K.Sury kumar ZP/SCR./AILRSA

Inaugural speech by Com.M.N.Prasad All India Secretary General.



Lunch break 13.15 to 14.15 hrs.

R.S.Pandian.EX.Zonal Secretary /AILRSA /Southern Railway. He is known as iron man of AILRSA history  in steam era., till he is dealing many court cases of running staff for their geniun privileges.

Young blood and calculator of AILRSA Com K.Parthsarthy AGS / AILRSA /Southern Railway.

Com.Geomey George Zonal Secretary /  SR.

Com.P.N.Soman Div.Secretary / TVC. Div./ SR.

Com.C.Sunish Zonal Secretary /SWR ./AILRSA /Bangaluru. and Manager" FIRE " magazine 

Com. S. Gangadharan.Divisional President /Guntakal Division /ailrsa.

and more than 100  picture are available ...........

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Post Office Savings Accounts to be taxed from current fiscal

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The government has decided to levy tax on the interest obtained on Post Office savings schemes from the current financial year.

The Central Board of Direct Taxes ( CBDT )) has brought out a notification in this regard recently, which stipulates that any interest earned beyond Rs 3,500 (in case of individual accounts) and Rs 7,000 (in case of joint accounts) will be taxable from the running fiscal.

The CBDT-- which is the administrative authority of the Income Tax Department-- has issued the notification to all the tax collection ranges across the country for implementation.

Taxpayers will have to reflect this investment on their income tax returns.

"Taxpayers who now invest in the post office saving accounts schemes will now have to show the interest earned on this scheme while filing their income tax returns. Interest upto Rs 3,500, in case of single accounts and and Rs 7,000 in case of joint accounts, is exempted," a senior I-T official said.

The Assessing Officer (AO) will compute the tax on the interest earned, beyond the exemption limit, accordingly, he said.

The current interest rates for Post Office savings deposits is 3.5 per cent per annum.

The minimum investment limit in this scheme is Rs 50 while the maximum limit is Rs one lakh for an individual account and Rs 2 lakh in case of a joint account.

Source: The Economic Times

Saturday, July 2, 2011


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                         URGENT PUBLIC NOTICE 

           It has come to the notice of the Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue that some unscrupulous persons are sending e-mail messages to innocent internet users calling upon the recipient  to deposit/remit a facilitation money of Rs.38,892/- in order to obtain the prize money of US $ 491000 from the Canadian Coco-Cola company. 

 The said unscrupulous persons are fraudulently using the name of Finance Minister and of Smt. Renu Jain working as a Director, Department of Expenditure in the Ministry of Finance on the purported letter head of Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue.
2.       The general public is hereby advised not to take cognizance of   any such letter or e-mail received from unscrupulous persons claiming to have backing of the Ministry of Finance or any of its officers.  It is further clarified that no officer of any of the Departments in the Ministry of Finance has been authorized to sign any letter whatsoever either on behalf of the Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance or any of the organizations in the Ministry for certifying receipt of demand drafts/cheques in respect of the above mentioned prize money from the Canadian Coco-Cola Company or any other company.

Issued by – Ministry of Finance, Dept. of Revenue.