Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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            Please see a little moment of joy in ZRTI during Refresher course from 22.11.2010 to 27.11.2010.

                                    Getting ready for on roll.and prayer....BANDE


    TEA BRAKE AT 11.00 AND15.00 Hrs.All are enjoying in tea Que .

A view of loco pilot classes.

    FIRST PRIZE WINNERS IN QUIZE COMPETITION ON 24.11.2010.There are Station master ,guard ,controller ,loco pilot  and asst. loco pilot OF VIZAYWADA DIVISION  of SCRly.
      From Rt. cheif instructor and principle of ZRTI /HYDERABAD.

                                          A CHARMING VIEW OF DELICIOUS MESS.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mail / Express train in India.

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The maximum speed of trains in India is higher than some of the foreign countries.  However data on average speed of trains of other countries is not maintained by Indian Railways. The overall average speed including halts of mail and express trains running in the country for the year 2009-10 is 50.0 and 35.8 kilometers per hour for broad gauge and meter gauge respectively.  The increase/decrease in the speed of trains in last five years is as follows:
      Percentage Increase/Decrease

            Speeding up of trains is a constant endeavour and continuous process on Indian Railways and is dependent on constant optimization of the investments made by Railways in modernization of technology, high powered locos, modern coaches (LHB, air brake, CBC) and better tracks.  Railways are also coming up with dedicated freight corridors, which would lead to segregation of freight and passenger traffic and would increase average speed of both freight and passenger trains on relevant corridors.
             This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways, Shri E. Ahamed in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Global Positioning System

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            A Global Positioning System (GPS) based fog safe device has been developed which displays name of approaching signs and other critical landmarks in advance even during poor visibility condition. It is expected to help reduce stress on Loco Pilots while running trains in foggy weather. It also indicates that a signal post is approaching, though it can not indicate the aspect (Red, Yellow and Green). The cost of each device is approximately Rs. 36,000.

It is proposed to provide about 1458 units for Indian Railways. Such devices are portable devices which would be carried by the Loco Pilots and put in the loco cabs at the start of the journey and would be removed and carried back with him when he leaves the locomotive after completion of his duty.

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways, Shri E. Ahamed in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.

Subsidized meals in running staff rest room.

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                     It was the good houners and grace of then Railway Minister Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav, who has feelt the pain and agoney of loco pilots and guard of railways,about their rest and meals.(This was true and till it is realities in running staff working life that meals and proper rest are a crucial problem.) He has brought a bill and passed order,to provide a subsidized meals to all running staff in Indian Railway immediately. Now this order is not implimented through out india properly and where in order it is not functioning in a good manner due to contractrisation in policy.
                      Law implimentor are more jeolous againt running staff.Even in several complain,no change in officers view since they are slave in contractor hand ,reason well known.Yesterday I was in YESVANTPUR  rest room  after working  indian poor people train i.e. GARIB RATH.(Mostely used by poor with ameeri people ).Their subsidized meals was not served us yesterday due to admande attitute of contractor. we made complain in complain book and tried to talk with power controller of BANGALURU and GUNTAKAL division but no fruitful reply was got. Every body said matter will forwared to concern for proper action.
                      It is not a first case we have seen,many occupant in previous had made the same remark even though  same habit are in  continuing.Where is justice prevail ?.
                     Therefore it is evident that contractorisation will not yield a good result in subsidized meals system.in running room.Railway administration has to maintain it own by their staff itself,Now it is become a more problem to take proper rest or go out side for meals and wast our valuable rest time ,which is most impotent for safety in railway,regarding all loco pilots working system.
                      In another one incident,Renigunta running room subsidized meals is also stooped since contractor left it with bag and baggage.There also problem is started.

Fire mishap averted in rail bogie.

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            NOV.19. A rail bogie of Mumbai- Nagercoil Express (6339) CAUGHT FIRE AT ERNAGALLU RAILWAY STATION IN EARLY HOUR OF FRIDAY.according to sources ,fire broke out suddenly from  the toilet of a general bogie and flame engulfed immediately.some passenger stopped the train by pulling the chain.on information railway official reached the spot and prevented fire by separating the bogie.latter the bogie sent to Guntakal railway division for repairs.
       sourses...Daccan chronical.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I ndia has lost hundreds of billions of dollars

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            I ndia has lost hundreds of billions of dollars over the past six decades as companies and the rich stashed cash overseas to avoid taxes and hide ill-gotten gains, widening inequality and depriving the poor of crucial resources, a new report shows.
The flood of illegal cash has swelled to ever greater heights since the early 1990s, and averaged $16 billion a year from 2002 to 2006, as India's opening of its economy created more wealth and opportunities to move it across borders, according to the study by Dev Kar, a former International Monetary Fund economist.
Kar, now senior economist at Global Financial Integrity, a Washington DC group that researches the flow of illicit money, said India's black money - at least $462 billion since the late 1940s - could have paid for its entire infrastructure needs and much more.
"We could have had better schools, better health programs, better nutrition programs for the poor. Children could have been vaccinated and given access to fresh drinking water. Many areas don't have electricity," he said.
"The high net worth individuals are the ones driving illicit flows," Kar said.
The ministry of finance and spokespeople for the ruling government did not respond to requests for comment on the report. Other analysts aren't taking issue with Kar's research methods but question whether the blame should be pinned on companies and privately wealthy individuals. They argue the government and corrupt politicians are the main culprits.
Kar used a World Bank model to measure the gap between the nation's recorded sources of funds, like borrowing and foreign direct investment, and its recorded use of funds, like financing the current account deficit and foreign currency reserves. Illicit outflows are considered to exist when a country's recorded source of funds exceeds its recorded use of funds.
Kar supplemented that by looking at differences between the value of what India says it exports and what other nations say they import from India. This captures practices such as understating the value of export contracts to hide money overseas.
Adjusted for inflation, that all added up to $213 billion missing since 1948. Using the short-term US Treasury bill rate to estimate a conservative investment return, Kar calculated that money would be worth, at minimum, $462 billion today.
The figure could be understated by half, Kar said, partly because it doesn't cover harder to track activities including smuggling and cash transfers outside of the financial system.
Nishith Desai, founder of Nishith Desai Associates, an international tax and corporate law firm based in Mumbai, argues that corrupt officials and government agencies have more to do with illicit money than tax avoidance in the private sector, which he says is more transparent than in the past.
As individual tax rates dropped - from as high as 97.5 per cent in the 1970s to about 30 per cent today - the major motivation for tax avoidance evaporated. In its wake however, is a cultural habit of evasion, which is only now beginning to erode, he said.
Desai said officials, who face public scrutiny when they accumulate wealth while on a low government salary, have more motivation to stash illicit money overseas than company executives, and the government, as India's biggest trader, likely indulges in more manipulation of export and import contracts.
Much private-sector corruption is also done under government compulsion, he said. Though economic liberalization ended the so called License Raj - during which New Delhi kept tight, lucrative control of business permits - many opportunities for corruption remain.
Private players pouring into sectors like telecoms and banking still need licenses. This week, the telecom minister resigned over alleged licensing irregularities that may have cost the treasury 1.76 trillion rupees ($39 billion).
The government is also the major intermediary in land deals. Desai and others say bribes are common in land sales, which are proliferating as India's growth spurs the development of mines, factories, buildings and special economic zones.
Regardless of debate about who is most to blame, the report shows the tide of money has been unrelenting even as India makes some efforts to clamp down on the hidden economy.
The government has ramped up tax collection efforts and renegotiated its tax treaty with Switzerland to give it greater access to information for investigations of tax fraud. It already has good access to information from Mauritius, a major offshore financial center for rich Indians and companies.
Many hope the government's ambitious plan to give every citizen a unique identity number will also widen the tax net and make evasion harder. And under pressure from opposition politicians, the Congress Party in recent weeks forced three high-ranking officials including the telecoms minister to step down amid corruption allegations. But critics say such gestures are cosmetic and will do little to stem growing popular frustration at India's elite.
"Catch some of those high profile guys, Bollywood fellows and cricket stars and make an example out of them," Kar said.
"If they don't address this now, they're going to be stuck with a much bigger problem which will tear at the heart of India. Mark my words. People are losing patience."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Safety Related Retirement Scheme (SRRS) for Drivers and Gangmen.

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Safety Related Retirement Scheme (SRRS) was introduced in January 2004 exclusively for two frontline safety categories i.e.. Drivers and Gangmen. 

The ward of the employee seeking retirement under the scheme is considered for appointment in the respective category subject to fulfillment of eligibility / suitability etc. The existing scheme has been renamed as Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff (LARSGESS) and will cover all safety categories including Gangman with grade pay of Rs. 1800/-. 

The condition of having minimum 33 years qualifying service has been reduced to minimum 20 years and the eligibility age group from 55-57 years to 50-57 years. However, in the case of Drivers, the condition of qualifying service i.e. 33 years and eligibility age group i.e. 55-57 will remain the same. 

The scheme will result in younger workforce and boost morale of staff by way of provision of job to their eligible dependent wards. 

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways, Shri E. Ahamed in a written reply in Rajya Sabha on 12.11.2010.

Swavalamban Scheme

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            The Union Finance Minister has announced Swavalamban Scheme in the Union Budget 2010-11 to address the longevity risk of poorer sections of the country. Under the Swavalamban, the Government of India shall contribute a sum of Rs. 1,000 to each subscriber account of the New Pension System (NPS) during the current year and the next three years provided the subscriber contributes any amount between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 12,000 per annum. The Government has targeted to cover ten lakh subscribers each in the four years beginning 2010-11, bringing the total number of subscribers to 40 lakhs by March, 2014. The Operational Guidelines on Swavalamban Scheme have been approved and released which, inter-alia, provide the applicability, benefits, definitions of the un-organized sector, eligibility, funding, operation etc. of the Scheme.

         The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has placed these Guidelines in public domain on its website http://www.pfrda.org.in . The Government has launched the Scheme on 26.09.2010 and the same will be implemented by the PFRDA. PFRDA has appointed various agencies all over the country, such as, Financial Sector entities, Government entities, Civil Society organizations, etc. for enrolment of subscribers and contribution collection under the Swavalamban Scheme. A higher level of enrolments under the Scheme will ensure old age income security for such subscribers in their post-retirement phase.

      The Minister of Labour and Employment Shri Mallikarjun Kharge gave this information in reply to a question
in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

BACK PAIN............

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If you are feeling a back pain, then try some exercise. It may be hard for sometimes, but it will be easier after some day. In this post, you will learn procedural method to remove your back pain forever.

1. If you are feeling back pain, take a painkiller like Tylenol or advil.
2. Take some rest, Ensure that your mattress is perfect, neither too soft nor too hard. Sometimes mattress does cause a back pain.
3. While lying down on the bed, you desire to try heat or cold massage for feeling better. You can try hot water bottle or pad. If you want cold, then use ice pack.
4. If you can try some exercises, then it will strengthen your back muscles. Try crunches or cobra position, this will stretch the muscles and it will feel you good in back.
5. If you cannot exercise, then schedule your walking program. It will work like exercises, and it will help you in back pain.
Either trying to any of these suggestion, go to your physician. Physician can recognize, what is the main cause of your back trouble through your MRI scan.
Mostly, back pain occurs because of muscle spasm. This also occurs because of sitting in a specific place for a long period, sleeping on an aged mattress.
Many times, stress or tension is also the reason of back pain. Overuse of Drugs like ketoprofen, Tylenol, lbuprofen, aspirin and naproxen are also responsible for backpain.
Nevertheless, in many cases lower back pain takes place because of the injury in the spinal cord.
If you are feeling back pain, then take a rest for one or two days. Many times, back pain cured itself, because of relaxation.
If you are feeling a pain for a longer period, consult your physician as soon as possibl


Get your clock at CompleteMyspace.com    SOUTH  central railway GENERAL MANAGER Sri M.S. Jayant inspected the Markapur railway station in GUNTUR Div. on sunday and express that modernisation is necessary to MARAKAPUR RAILWAY stationsince most of passenger are getting down here for Sriselam visit.,hence large of upgradation will benifit them.Mr.jayant said that proposal for doubling of NANDAYAL-GUNTUR railway line were sent to railway board and they were waiting for the nodHe said railway want to open a reservation center if facility are provided.  He added that Yesvantpur-Machillipattanam Express,which is running once in twodays,willrun daily from December.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Sarkari Jobs in this post : Constable Tradesman
Sashastra Seema Bal, SSB, To The Deputy Inspector General, SSB, Gorakhpur, Marketing Bhavan, F.C.I. Complex, PO- Fertilizer Factory, Urvarak Nagar, Gorakhpur (UP) 237007.
Sashastra Seema Bal, SSB, Applications are invited from eligible male Indian citizens for filling up the following Group ‘C’ Combatised, Non-Gazetted (Non-Ministerial) posts in tradesmen cadres in SSB, Trade wise and category wise details of vacancies in advertisedment.

Constable Tradesman :
No of Post : 1022
posts (SC-143,ST-69, OBC-251,UR-475, Ex.-SM-84) in various trades,
Essential Qualification & Experience : (1). Matriculation or equivalent form a recognized Board or Institute. (8th Class pass for the ST Candidates of Mizoram State, Tirap and Changlang districts of Arunachal Pradesh only) and (2). (i) Two years work experience in respective trade; OR (ii) One year certificate course from Indusial Training Institute/ Vocational Institute with at least one year experience in the Trade ; OR (iii) Two years Diploma from Industrial Training Institute in the trade or similar trade.
Scale of Pay : Rs. 5200 to 20200 Grade Pay Rs. 2000/- per month.
Age Limit : Between 18 to 23 years (Cut-off date for age will be 10-12-2010).
How to apply for above post :
Interested, Eligible and desirous candidates should send their applications in the prescribed proforma with attested passport size photographs duly affixed on the application form and admit card and duly completed in all respect to Dy. Inspector General, SSB Gorakhpur, Marketing Bhavan, F.C.I. Complex, PO- Fertilizer Factory, Urvarak Nagar, Gorakhpur (UP) 237007. on or before 10.12.2010. And far-flung areas is 17.12.2010.
Fees : Application fee will be Rs. 50/- for candidates belonging to General and OBC categories in the form of Crossed Bank Draft or Indian Postal Order drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, SSB, SHQ Gorakhpur. No fee will be charged from SC/ST/Ex-Servicemen.
Last Date of Application Submission : 10.12.2010. And far-flung areas is 17.12.2010.
Application Form /Advertisement Source Credits :

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Sarkari Jobs in this post : Clerk
Central Bank of India, CBI, Candidates may apply the applications Online. submission of Online application through Central Bank website from 09.11.2010 to 08.12.2010. Candidates are required to apply through Bank’s website www.centralbankofindia.co.in only. Any resulting dispute arising out of this advertisement including the recruitment   process shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts situated at Mumbai.
Central Bank of India, CBI, Recruitment of Clerks in Central Bank of India. Central Bank of India, a leading Public Sector Bank, invites Online applications from Indian Citizens for appointment in Clerical Cadre posts :

Clerk :
No of Post : 1163
posts in various states
Essential Qualification & Experience : Degree in any discipline from a recognized University or any equivalent qualification recognized as such by the Central Government OR A pass with 50% marks in HSC examination of 10+2 (10+2+3 pattern) /11th Std. of (11+1+3) pattern or Intermediate / Pre-University or any equivalent examination/Diploma in Banking recognized by Central/State Government or U.T. administration OR A pass with 60% marks in the aggregate in Matriculation/SSC (old pattern)/SSLC/10th std. Examination of 10+2+3 pattern or equivalent.
Scale of Pay : Rs. 7200 to 19300/- per month.
Age Limit : Beteen 18 to 28 years as on 01.11.2010. Relaxation as per rules.
How to apply for above post :
Candidates may apply the applications Online. submission of Online application through Central Bank website from 09.11.2010 to 08.12.2010. Candidates are required to apply through Bank’s website www.centralbankofindia.co.in only. No other means/ mode of application will be accepted. Any resulting dispute arising out of this advertisement including the recruitment   process shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction of the Courts situated at Mumbai
Fees : Rs. 250/- (Rs. 50/- for SC/ST/PH/Ex-SM) to be deposited in any CBS branch of Central Bank of India.
Last Date of Application Submission : Online from 09.11.2010 to 08.12.2010.
Application Form /Advertisement Source Credits :

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(Railway Board)

S. No. PC-VI/236

RBE No.162/2010
New Delhi, dated 08.11.2010

The GMs/CAOs(R),
All Indian Railways & Production Units
(As per mailing list)

Subject: Clarifications regarding pay fixation of existing Group `D’ Employees in the revised pay structure.

Attention is invited to Railway Board’s letter of even number dated 12.01.2009 wherein clarifications were provided regarding various aspects of placement of the existing Group ‘D’ employees in the revised pay structure.

2     As per the clarification at Sl.No.1 of Railway Board’s letter dated 12.01.2009, those regular Group `D’ employees who did not posses the minimum qualification and who have retired/died in harness between 01.01.2006 and date of notification of Revised Pay Rules, 2008 will be granted pay band -IS and the grade pay corresponding to their pre-revised pay scale as notified in Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008.

3. The aforesaid issue was raised in the 46th Ordinary Meeting of the National Council (JCM) held on 15 May, 2010 and the Staff Side had requested that the cases relating to the non-matriculate class IV employees who retired or died between January 2006 and the date of Notification of Revised Pay Rules, without any re-training be re-considered and such employees should be granted the benefit by re-fixing their pension/family pension at par with those employees who were retrained and whose pay was fixed in PS-1 with grade pay of Rs.1800/-.

4.     The request of Staff Side on the subject has been considered by the Government and it has been decided that the regular Group ‘D’ non-matriculate employees who died in harness or have retired between 01.01.2006 and the date of notification of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, i.e. 04.09.2008, from the Railways would also be placed in PB-1 with grade pay of Rs. 1800 with effect from 01.01.2006. It should however be ensured that if any non-matriculate regular Group `D’ employees have been on leave due to which they could not be retrained, they should be retrained immediately on joining duty.

5.      This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways,

(Koshy Thomas)
Joint Director, Pay Commission-II
Railway Board.

Next what happened till I have no information.

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           Loco pilots are having more responsibility in dealing all safety aspect, very care fully.It is necessary to have a good knowledge in all aspect of working system prevails in Indian Railways. Without knowledge ,he has to be slave in his working life.He can not defend himself in any critical situation,incident or accident.Locopilots can  safe himself by educating himself,experience , good talent of driving and smooth controlling of train.
                  Now I am going to refer here one incident,which I had faced yesterday.yesterday i.e on 11.11.2010.,I was the locopilot of train number 2163 exp(Dadar to Chennai exp) super ex Guntakal to Renigunta.My train was running on right time.While approached Moodanur station, observed the following signal aspect---
   1)Distent signal---ATTENTION ASPECT.
   3)Station Master and point Man , both were displaying all right green hand signal.
   4)Main line STARTER was displaing danger aspect.  and 
   5)Last stop signal was on proceed aspect.           Now all this aspect are not a correct signal,for pass through train at moodanur station. I immediately stopped my train,since it may lead to a accident.it may be serious or little,because accident never comes with invitation.Matter advised to my guard that main line starter is at on and LSS is taken OFF through Walkie-talkie set. SM on duty ,who was out side of station room and exhibiting all right signal,apprised about matter by guard and immediately operated main line starter to OFF aspect.
      The above habit of SM  is very dangerous for locopilots and safe train operation in Indian Railways.I informed this matter to CCC/GTL shri Manan sharif, My SLI/shri Tajjudin,and ON DUTY POWER CONTROLLER through Railways CUG cell phone immediatelly.
      But I got serious doubt that no one will take it  seriously and matter will be cleaned inside.So I prepared a SMS and sent to Divisional Mechanical Engineer/power and Divisional Railway Manager/GUNTAKAL.SMS details is as---------LP of 2163 to DRM.GTL at modanur home caution for main line sm and pm exibited proceed hand signal but observed that main line starter at danger and LSS proceed.train stopped 4 one mts. 4 signal.This habit is dangerous 4 LP and safety.
                  AT EVENING DRM.GTL has seen the massage and collected all details by my loco Inspector. It is heared that SM was booked to see sr. DOM.
      On arrival at Renigunta I made remarked in UN USUAL REGISTER for necessary action. Next day i.e on 12.11.2010,CSTE/SC inspected the lobby and note down all remarks.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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   After a long pending demand, SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY has agreed to revise the time allowances to running staff before and after duty as per CPO/SC Letter number-P(LE)347/P.VOL.V DATED-19.10.2010. are fpllowing------
     Train attendance  a).Before dept.   30 mts. sign. on.
                                b) After arrivl.---- 01) 20 mts for pass. train and 30 mts for goods train. but Rly administration is not implemented it properly in all depots.

Friday, November 5, 2010

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010



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       from left.Div.President.Shri.S.Gangadharan,J.Venkaresulu.LP.Div.Secretay.G.N.Shaw.in retirement function.
     Shri J.Venkatesulu.LOCO PILOT MAIL/EXP.GUNTAKAL DEPOT.has retired on voluntarily on 31.10.2010.Farewel function was arranged by ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNING STAFF ASSOCIATION,Guntakal branch on this occasion. Shri J.Venkatesulu joined in railway as khalasi in 1976.He has worked in various rank/post as fireman in steam locomotive,assistant locopilot,locopilot( goods,passanger and mail/exp.).HE HAS CARRYOUT EVERY RESPONSIBILY VERY SUCCESFULLY IN HIS 35 YEARS OF RAILWAY SERVING LIFE.He was participated in 1981 loco running staff strike.For which he got brake in service punishment,but latter it was regularized by then DIVISIONAL RAILWAY MANAGER.He has applied VR due to neck surgery since was suffering with griff pain.and can not sit longger hours to work the mail/exp trains.He has promissed to co-operated and will attached with this association,even after retirement also.AILRSA and its members pray to GOD for his long and happy life with family and friend.


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           The Renigunta branch meeting was conducted on 15.10.2010.The following matter was discussed--
      01) The railway doctors are not dealing sickness cases positively,even staff want to report sick on genuine base are sent back to go for duty.  02)divisional administration not following the guide line issues by railway board ,to bring staff within 36 hrs to Hq.as per letter number-E(LL)2009/HER/1,DATED 26.02.2010.There for divisonal administration overshooting the order of Railway board. 03)Railway board in its reply to an RTI application,vide Lrs no RTI CELL/2009/01006519/CPIO-I(FINAL REPLY) Dt.08.02.2010 had clarified that the rules of rest at HQ. is 16+2/ 12+2 hrs but it is not followed in this Division,highly violation of workers right .04) staff are not getting leave when it is necessary and harasment is increasing day by day.
             In this regard one resulion has been passed to DIVISIONAL RAILWAY MANAGER GUNTAKAL.