Saturday, November 20, 2010

Subsidized meals in running staff rest room.

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                     It was the good houners and grace of then Railway Minister Shri Laloo Prasad Yadav, who has feelt the pain and agoney of loco pilots and guard of railways,about their rest and meals.(This was true and till it is realities in running staff working life that meals and proper rest are a crucial problem.) He has brought a bill and passed order,to provide a subsidized meals to all running staff in Indian Railway immediately. Now this order is not implimented through out india properly and where in order it is not functioning in a good manner due to contractrisation in policy.
                      Law implimentor are more jeolous againt running staff.Even in several complain,no change in officers view since they are slave in contractor hand ,reason well known.Yesterday I was in YESVANTPUR  rest room  after working  indian poor people train i.e. GARIB RATH.(Mostely used by poor with ameeri people ).Their subsidized meals was not served us yesterday due to admande attitute of contractor. we made complain in complain book and tried to talk with power controller of BANGALURU and GUNTAKAL division but no fruitful reply was got. Every body said matter will forwared to concern for proper action.
                      It is not a first case we have seen,many occupant in previous had made the same remark even though  same habit are in  continuing.Where is justice prevail ?.
                     Therefore it is evident that contractorisation will not yield a good result in subsidized meals running room.Railway administration has to maintain it own by their staff itself,Now it is become a more problem to take proper rest or go out side for meals and wast our valuable rest time ,which is most impotent for safety in railway,regarding all loco pilots working system.
                      In another one incident,Renigunta running room subsidized meals is also stooped since contractor left it with bag and baggage.There also problem is started.

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