Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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ALL THE LOCO PILOTS ( Mail / express, Goods,Passenger,shunting and Assistant ) IN SOUTHERN SUMMIT , OF SOUTHERN , SOUTH WESTERN AND SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAYS., to  participate in mass.
DATE-- 20 Th. JULY 2011.
TIME--10.00 Hrs on ward. VENUE-- RAIL SUBHAM ( community hall ) TOWN--GUNTAKAL

    1)..M.N.PRASAD.Secretary General all India /AILRSA.                                                        2)..R. SUDHA BHASKAR. General secretary.CITU. Andhra Pradesh State.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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 Today ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNING STAFF ASSOCIATION of GUNTAKAL branch has conducted  their routing meeting in branch office and  passed unanimously a decision, to conduct... three zonal railways ( southern, south central and south western )  conference at GUNTAKAL in July2011. Zonal vice president ( SCR )..R.Balaramaiah, Divisional secretary( Guntakal Div..) G.N.SHAW.was present in this meeting . which is a sole view and opinion of most zonal railways.The date and venue will be advise latter.Mostly it may be 20 th July 2011 .


Thursday, June 16, 2011

our beggars...

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                  India is a rich country. Where rich ( carorapati ) and unique real beggars are most popular about their effective functioning Caror patis are looting the countary in many fold and real beggars are enjoyed the day by   means of  their collective alms.. Here i am presenting a illusion of begging and livelihood.Please have a sharp look...

(courtesy...Deccan Chronicle of 10 th June 2011 )

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MLAs Also to Issue Income Certificate for ‘Izzat’ Scheme of Railway Travel W.E.F. 1.7.2011

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Ministry of Railways have decided that the Income Certificate issued by Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) of various States and Union Territories will also be accepted for issue of “Izzat’ monthly Season Tickets (MSTs) for the benefit of persons working in unorganized sectors. This provision will be effective from 1st July, 2011. This facility will be in addition to the five kinds of certificates already permitted under the ‘Izzat’ Scheme

Under ‘Izzat’ scheme, Monthly Season Tickets (MSTs) @Rs. 25/- per month per person is issued for the benefit of persons working in unorganized sector with monthly income not exceeding Rs. 1500/- for travel up to 100 kilometers from the station serving their place of residence. Presently ‘Izzat’ MSTs are issued on production of (i) income certificate from the District Magistrate; or (ii) income certificate from MP of Lok Sabha, or (iii) letter of recommendation from Union Minster or MP of Rajya Sabha to DRM, or (iv) BPL card or any other certificate issued by Central Government under a recognized poverty alleviation programme and (v) under exceptional circumstances, DRMs are also authorized to issue income certificates. 

In addition to the above, Ministry of Railways have now decided that w.e.f. 1.7.2011 the income certificates issued by MLAs of various States & Union Territories will also be accepted for issue of ‘Izzat’ MSTs subject to the following conditions: 

I. The MLAs should issue income certificates to persons belonging to their constituencies only; 

II. The format of the income certificate will be as enclosed; 

III. The income certificate issued by MLAs will be one-time use only, i.e. the original Income Certificate issued by MLA will be retained by the Railway staff at the time of issue of ‘Izzat’ MST; 

IV. A fresh income certificate from the concerned MLA will be required every time the concerned person approaches the station for purchase of ‘Izzat’ MST. 

V. This provision is being done on pilot basis for a period of three months. 

All Zonal Railways have been requested to send monthly figures of usage of ‘Izzat’ MSTs, based on which a review will be done. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Letter to Chief Justice of India

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Hon’ble Chief Justice

Supreme Court of India,

Respected Sir,

Sub: - Gross injustice to Loco Running Staff of Indian Railways

Taking a lesson from past that Hon’ble Court has intervened into the stoppage of work by different section of workers, the last is the Air Pilot Strike and also the agitation of Railway M / Man of Mumbai the Central committee thought it proper to apprise the situation created by Railway Board by its discriminate actions to the Loco Running Staff in the knowledge of your lordship with this submission for your action as your lordship deem fit.

The Loco Running Staff are made victim of injustice and discrimination in regards to their Pay allowance and other service matter. The behaviour of Railway Management reflects their motive to provoke Loco Running Staff to go for agitation.

The grievances of Loco Running Staff are so justified that they are unable to reject it with a justified reason but not resolving too, and dragging the issues. Since last two years, they are maintaining the all the issues are under active consideration but could not resolved as yet, causing a serious resentment amongst the Loco Running Staff. 

Sir, we have taken all the democratic norms provided in Industrial dispute act to settle the issue peacefully including the conciliation through RLC which ended with failure due to negative attitude of Railway management which has also been felt by RLC (C) New Delhi too. In case of conciliation failure that matter should had to be sent for adjudication through Industrial Tribunal within 45 days but that our demand has also been rejected by the Ministry of Labour on the same plea that the grievances are under active consideration of different committee of Railway Management. Here it will not out of place to mention that again no time limit is given to resolve the matter and so the situation has been so created by the Railway Management is that a serious resentment is prevailing amongst the Loco Running Staff which may force us for agitation. 

The CWC of the Association met on 29th 30th May 2011, decided to appraise the prevailing situation to Hon’ble PM (In-charge of Railways) Hon’ble Minister for Labour once more for their action to resolve the matter in-favour of the staff peacefully to maintain the healthy Labour relation in the Railways and also appraise the situation, to your lordship and Hon’ble chief justice of different Court also. 

The Association further decided that if matter is not resolve by mid of July then the Loco Running Staff over Indian Railway may be compelled go working in fast which may affect the train services which in fact we do neither whish nor prefer but this action will be under compulsion and for which the Railway Management will only be held responsible.

Thanking you,

Your’s sincerely

(M. N. Prasad)

Secretary General



1. The minutes of conciliation meeting before RLC (C) New Delhi including the failure report.

2. The copy of letter to the Association by Ministry of Labour rejecting adjudication by National Industrial Tribunal.    

3. Copy of the Association’s representation. 

Copy to Hon’ble Chief Justice of different High Court. 

Justification of Demands

In very short justification of our demands are given below

We have already submitted memo detailing the justification of our grievances in various occasions to Ministry for Railways. Now I herewith submitting before your lordship in brief which I feel, will be sufficient to make your honour to convince about the justification of our grievances. 

1. GP of ALPs – Besides the educational qualification of class X + ITI although many of diploma holders have joined as ALP, hardeous duty, working against Nature, day and night working. Multi skilled working, working staying from social performance, share the equal responsibilities same punishment if any lapses committed, as like as Loco Pilot in train operation and also under go same Training as like as LP, then in-fact now ALP is not an ALP but became as co-Loco Pilot but their GP is Rs. 1900/- all most all equal to class ‘D’ categories, is nothing but a blow to their status and a gross injustice to them. We therefore demand Rs. 2800/- as GP to ALP to protect the status, to recognize their multi skilled duty and also onerous duty as well as to encourage them to perform their duty with full satisfaction in the interest of safe operation of trains.

2. GP of Loco Pilot – The VICPC while recommending the GP of different categories of LP has broken historical and vertical relativity of Loco Running Staff with other categories. Even the categories who has least safety risk benefited with improvement in their GP but the Loco Running Staff are subjected to injustice and further depression in Pay. We had already submitted at very initial stage a chart to show that the pay of Loco Running Staff have increased less than other categories of Railway Man. 

VICPC has done another injustice by recommending only one GP for LP (G), LP (Pass), and LP (Mail/Exp) of Rs. 4200/- although it is a promotional grade. The Railway Board itself agreed and also issued circulars that LP (Goods), LP (Pass), and LP (Mail) is a promotional channel through process of selection / suitability test then what is a justification for one GP of Rs. 4200/- for all grade of Loco Pilots VI CPC also recommended different GP for promotional grades. So, our demand is that GP for Loco Pilot (Shunting) should be Rs. 4200/- for LP (G) 4600/-, LP (Pass) Rs. 4800/- and for LP (Mail) Rs. 5400/-. Further due to one GP for all grades LPs at many places the Loco Pilots are denied promotional increment to Loco Pilot (Pass) Loco pilot (Mail) when they get promotion, although it are the promotional grades through selection / suitability test. 

3. A Committee on running allowance was constituted which report came in 1980, which is properly known as RAC 80 which recommended a formula to reckon the Running allowances. This constitutes 30% the Pay + 20 days TA. Since three decade the formula is in force to evaluate the rate of kilometer-age allowance and now, it is attempted to dilute this formula. The kilometer allowance consist of 30% of Pay as Pay element and 20 days TA although we remain all most all 25 days out from HQ and en-tiled for TA, but the railway Board simply doubled the rate of TA what was prior to implementating of VICPC and formulated the rate of KM i.e. on Rs. 210/- for LP but not on appropriate rate of TA i.e. Rs. 340/- for LP. Even our Running allowance is not enhanced when all the allowances are enhanced by 25% in view of increased rate of DA rate, over and above 50% i.e. 51% in-addition enhanced rate of running allowance should have the effect with 1.1.06. Since a portion of pay constitutes the running allowance and pay enhancement get its effect wef. 1.1.2006 and so a great injustice is being done to us and so our demand is that the rate kilometer-age allowance be formulated based RAC 80 formula which is in-forced since last three decade and have the effect of Kilometer-age allowance, so arrived on enhanced Pay from 01.01.06 to 31.08.08 and then from 01.09.08 the date the new TA rate i.e. Rs. 340/- got effected. And again it should be reckoned wef. The date from which the enhanced TA rate due to enhancement of DA rate to 51%, got effected.

4. Revision of HOER – While Railway Board agreed at different occasion to review the HOER in the present content but still it is not done. It will not out of place to mention that still the Loco Running Staff are forced to work even more than 14 to 16 hrs and no trip rest or periodical rest is given in appropriate manner which is not only unsafe working but violation of concerned rule the Loco Running Staff becoming victim of different deases due to excessive work so demand for job evaluation of our work and judiciary review of HOER accordingly. 

5. Onerous duty allowance – It should be granted to all of the Loco Running Staff because all have same type of work instead of confiding it to Loco Pilot (Pass) and Loco Pilot (Mail).

6. Discriminate action – Further the discriminate actions have been taken against the Loco Running Staff, which further aggravate the situation: -

i) In regards to MACP, a discrimination is done to Loco Running Staff based on misinterpretation of the rule and thus in many cases at many places, the Loco Pilot (Pass) and Loco Pilot (Mail) is deprived with MACP although they are eligible.

ii) In regard to safety related voluntarily Retirement scheme for safety categories. The Loco Running Staff are discriminated in regard to its eligibility.

iii) Selection of Loco inspector modified to general selection, which against the interest of Loco Running Staff. 

7. The train services have been increased manifold, where as staff strength drastically reduced result of which unsafe working long hour’s duty . Immediate cadre review at all the depots are require and vacant posts to be filled as accordingly.

(M. N. Prasad)

Secretary General


Thursday, June 9, 2011

My train was saved.....following attacked..by robbers...

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    Dated on 07-06-2011....I was working train number ..15015 exp from Secunderabad to Guntakal. The following train to us...train number - 16529 exp was attacked by robbers between Irnagallu and Kosagi station.We luckly saved.News spread as a fire.Guard of train number-16529 exp  Mr. Chandradu is in hospital since he was beaten up by gang and he got grievous injury  .see the detail in....Today Deccan edition news....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fixed Medical Allowance to beneficiaries of New Pension Scheme drawing additional relief on death/disability of government servant

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3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market,
New Delhi-i 10003, Dated the 24th May,2011.


Subject: Fixed Medical Allowance to beneficiaries of New Pension Scheme drawing additional relief on death/disability of government servant.
The Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) is granted to Central Govt. Pensioners/Family pensioners who at the time of retirement/death are governed by CCS (Pension) Rule 1972 or other corresponding rules in operation prior to commencement of these rules and are eligible for medical facilities after retirement as per instructions contained in this Departments’ OM No.45/57/97- P&PW(C) dated 19.12.97 as clarified from time to time.
2 Grant of FMA to the beneficiaries of New Pension Scheme drawing additional relief on death/disability of government servant in terms of Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare OM No. 38/41/06/P&PW(A) dated 5th May, 2009 has been examined in consultation with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and Deptt. of Expenditure. Since the serving employees who are covered by NPS and residing in areas covered under CGHS are availing CGHS benefits and similarly the serving employees, covered under NPS, who are residing in non-CGHS areas are covered under CS (MA) Rules, hence, the NPS pensioners drawing additional relief on death/disability of  government servant in terms of Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare OM No. 38/41/06/P&PW(A) dated 5th May, 2009 and staying in areas not covered by CGHS/corresponding health scheme of other Ministries can get a pensioners Medical card by paying appropriate amount in the nearest CGHS/ corresponding health scheme of other Ministries covered city to their residence to enable them to obtain indoor treatment. They are also entitled to draw Fixed Medical Allowance as fixed by the government. As and when the Health Insurance Scheme is introduced, the New
Pension Scheme pensioners would be shifted to the Health insurance Scheme.
4. These orders are issued with the concurrence of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare vide their ID No. S.11015/3/2010-CGHS(P) dated 18.11.2010 and Ministry of Finance (Deptt. of Expenditure) vide their UO No. 78/EV/2011 dated 22.3.2011 and in consultation with the comptroller and Auditor General of India vide their UO No. 4-Audit(Rules)/17-2009 dated 4.4.2011.

5. Hindi version will follow.

(K.K. Mittl) 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Me morable day...5th May 2011..either repeat of History.

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Date-05-06-2011....an historical episode...which made me ..to remember ...the day of emergency..during Indira Regime.On the above day .. what happens with Baba Ramdeo  force fully ..is in correct.The act of police/Gov. was inhuman, undemocratic  and a condemnable act.There are many constitutional act to deal with..

I am referring a materiel which was published in FIRE magazine in May edition , which is appropriate to expose the true nature of such type of governance activities . LET us go through the following and know how we Indians... are living in this democratic country.Are you feel peace ,happy and safe with the government ?