Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Combined Defence Services Examination (II), 2011

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Combined Defence Services Examination (II), 2011
            The Union Public Service Commission will be conducting the Combined Defence Services Examination (II), 2011 at 41 Centres throughout the country on 18.09.2011 (Sunday).  Admission Certificates to the candidates have been dispatched.  Letters of rejection to the candidates stating reason(s) for rejection have also been issued.  If any applicant has not received any of the above mentioned communication, he/she may contact UPSC Facilitation Counter on Telephone Nos.011-23385271, 011-23381125, or 011-23098543 on working days.  The candidates can also send FAX Message on Fax No. 011-23387310.
            Information regarding venue of the examination is also available at the Union Public Service Commission’s website at http://www.upsc.gov.in.  The eligible candidates who have not received the Admission Certificates may download the “Venue Information” from the above mentioned website and use is for appearing in the examination.  The candidates intending to appear in the examination using downloaded “Venue Information” are advised to carry three identical photographs (each photograph for each session), otherwise they may not be allowed to take the examination.  They should also carry proof of their identity such as Identity card, Election Identity Card, Driving License etc. to the venue of Examination.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Railways take Steps to Prevent Misuse of Tatkal Scheme

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Railways take Steps to Prevent Misuse of Tatkal Scheme
With a view to reduce the scope for misuse of Tatkal scheme, the following steps have been taken:- 

i) Access to Tatkal booking on all days and normal booking on the opening g day of reservation through e-tickets by the Travel Agents/Web-service agents/Web Agents of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has been disabled between 0800 a.m. and 09.00 a.m. 

ii) It has been made mandatory to produce any one of the prescribed identity cards (in original) during the journey by any one of the passengers booked on a Tatkal ticket. 

iii) Instructions have also been issued that Senior Divisional Commercial Managers/Divisional Commercial Managers should conduct regular inspections of Reservation offices and also personally inspect passenger Reservation System (PRS) offices during the opening hours and take immediate steps to check the routing activities. 

In addition, the following two safeguards already exist in the Tatkal Scheme:- 

Tatkal Refund Rules are stringent to reduce chances of its misuse

. • Change of name facility is not available under the Scheme. 

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Bharatsinh Solanki in written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Deep cruelty

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 It  is deep cruelty among police men in Uttar pradesh.How they are beating a prisoner
Cortesy-Daccan chronical /dated-23-08-2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

Anna Hazares message to the Nation for 15th and 16th August.

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Members in Support Anna Hazare against corruption!                                           
Corruption in India must stop NOW!!

  My Dear Fellow Indians,

A decisive battle against corruption has begun. We are not against any political party. We want systemic reforms. We want a corruption-free India. After all, what are the people asking for – a strong anti-corruption law which provides for honest and time-bound investigations and trials that result in jail for the guilty, confiscation of embezzled money and their dismissal from service? Are we asking too much? For two months, we were talking to the government. Government seems unwilling to take even small steps against corruption. Government appears insincere. We have met all prominent political leaders. We have tried everything. What do we do now? When I announced my indefinite fast from 16th August, the government threatened that they would crush us the way they crushed Baba Ramdev's peaceful agitation. Friends, this is a historic opportunity. We can't afford to lose it. We are determined to fight to the end. If they arrest us, we will peacefully offer ourselves. If they use batons and bullets, we will happily lay down our lives but will not leave the place. We will not retaliate. It will be a completely non-violent movement. “If you fast on 16th August, you will be crushed” – this is what they are saying. “We will impose section 144 on Jantar Mantar” – this is what they are thinking. But I say that if every citizen in this country takes off from his work from 16th August, comes on the streets in front of his house, at the crossing, with a tricolor in his hands shouting “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and raising slogans against corruption, they will fall short of batons and bullets. The government may arrest one Anna Hazare but how will they arrest 120 crore Anna Hazares? They may impose section 144 at one Jantar Mantar but will they impose section 144 on the whole country? And let me tell you – the police and army is with us. At traffic signals, policemen stop us, express their support and wish us well; at Raj Ghat, the policemen donated generously for the movement! So, will you take off from your work from 16 August? Will you descend on the streets with me? This year, the country will wait for 16th rather than 15th August. In solidarity,

Anna Hazare


Government's Lokpal is targeted against those who raise their voice against corruption rather than to punish the corrupt!

The government's Lokpal bill covers only about 0.5% of public servants, yet it brings under its ambit virtually every citizen's group and organization, registered or unregistered, meant to serve the social sector. This raises a pertinent question -- whom is the Lokpal really targeted at? There are more than 1.25 crore central and state government employees. Out of this merely 65,000 Group A Central Government employees would be covered in the government bill leaving out all the lower officers and staff. This effectively means that there is no remedy against corruption that a common person faces daily in police, roads, industry, licensing, transport, roadways, municipality, rations, health services, education, pension, provident funds, Panchayat, forest department, irrigation department, etc. On the other hand, Lokpal would have jurisdiction over ALL NGOs, trusts, societies like Resident Welfare Associations(RWAs), big or small, whether registered or unregistered, whether they receive government funding or not, up to the village level! For instance, consider a group of citizens that unearths corruption of the Sarpanch and Block Development officer (BDO) in a village. The government's Lokpal can't take any action against the Sarpanch or BDO but it CAN lock up the group of HONEST active CITIZENS. Each and every association, like Resident Welfare Associations, Market Associations, even your neighborhood committees that organize festivals like Durga Puja, Ramlila, etc. would be under the purview of Lokpal. While there is no disagreement that the rot of corruption is also afflicting many societies, associations and NGOs, there already exists a plethora of laws like the Trust Act, Societies Act, FCRA, etc. to monitor them. Lokpal was originally intended for checking corruption in public servants. Regardless, if it is being extended to all associations of civil society, then why shouldn't it also cover all companies, businesses, political parties, and media houses?

Government's Lokpal Provides Greater Protection to Corrupt!

Provisions in the government's Lokpal Bill heavily favour corrupt public servants. Under this bill, a public servant accused of corruption is allowed to turn around and file a lawsuit against the complainant accusing him of filing a frivolous complaint. The government will provide a free advocate to the accused to help prove the citizen was wrong, while the citizen has to fend for himself. If the complaint proves to be frivolous, the minimum sentence FOR THE CITIZEN is TWO YEARS. But if the corruption charges are proved, the minimum sentence for the public servant is just SIX MONTHS!

Will then any citizen dare raise a voice against corruption?

Anna Hazare

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Departmental action against over 2,600 Railway employees

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NEW DELHI: More than 2,600 Railway officials have faced departmental action during the first five months of this year for alleged irregularities in discharging their work. 

Out of the total of 2,648 employees who are under the scanner of the vigilance department, 333 were in Central Railways, followed by 312 in Western Railway and 308 in Northern Railway zone, according to Railway Ministry data

Besides, 222 were from North Western Railway, 207 from East Central Railway, 188 from North Frontier Railway, 156 from Southern Railway and 143 from South Central Railway among others, it said. 

The department has carried out 10,389 preventive checks between January and May this year and found that 87 gazette and 2,561 non-gazette officers were allegedly involved in various illegal practises. 

The Vigilance Wing of the Railways had also made recovery of over Rs 13 crore from the preventive checks carried out in different railways' zones. 

"We carried out these checks to ensure that Railways employees do not indulge in corrupt practices. The drive will be intensified in future," a Railway Ministry official said.

The Railways, which has about 13.50 lakh employees, is divided into 16 zones for operation and management.

An earning of Rs 19.26 crore, by way of undercharges on overloaded goods, was made due to vigilance checks conducted by Railways between January and April this year. 

Besides, recovery of Rs 1.96 crore was effected through checks in mass contact areas and parcels. 


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dearness Allowance likely to be increased by 7% w.e.f.01-07-2011

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AICPIN (All-India Average Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers) for the month of June has been announced and it stands atat 189. The Dearness allowance for Central Government   employees and pensioners will be enhanced by 7% from July 2011.
This makes the total DA ......58%

Source : http://staffcorner.com/blog/2011/08/01/dearness-allowance-likely-to-be-increased-by-7/