Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Departmental action against over 2,600 Railway employees

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NEW DELHI: More than 2,600 Railway officials have faced departmental action during the first five months of this year for alleged irregularities in discharging their work. 

Out of the total of 2,648 employees who are under the scanner of the vigilance department, 333 were in Central Railways, followed by 312 in Western Railway and 308 in Northern Railway zone, according to Railway Ministry data

Besides, 222 were from North Western Railway, 207 from East Central Railway, 188 from North Frontier Railway, 156 from Southern Railway and 143 from South Central Railway among others, it said. 

The department has carried out 10,389 preventive checks between January and May this year and found that 87 gazette and 2,561 non-gazette officers were allegedly involved in various illegal practises. 

The Vigilance Wing of the Railways had also made recovery of over Rs 13 crore from the preventive checks carried out in different railways' zones. 

"We carried out these checks to ensure that Railways employees do not indulge in corrupt practices. The drive will be intensified in future," a Railway Ministry official said.

The Railways, which has about 13.50 lakh employees, is divided into 16 zones for operation and management.

An earning of Rs 19.26 crore, by way of undercharges on overloaded goods, was made due to vigilance checks conducted by Railways between January and April this year. 

Besides, recovery of Rs 1.96 crore was effected through checks in mass contact areas and parcels. 


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