Tuesday, November 2, 2010


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           The Renigunta branch meeting was conducted on 15.10.2010.The following matter was discussed--
      01) The railway doctors are not dealing sickness cases positively,even staff want to report sick on genuine base are sent back to go for duty.  02)divisional administration not following the guide line issues by railway board ,to bring staff within 36 hrs to Hq.as per letter number-E(LL)2009/HER/1,DATED 26.02.2010.There for divisonal administration overshooting the order of Railway board. 03)Railway board in its reply to an RTI application,vide Lrs no RTI CELL/2009/01006519/CPIO-I(FINAL REPLY) Dt.08.02.2010 had clarified that the rules of rest at HQ. is 16+2/ 12+2 hrs but it is not followed in this Division,highly violation of workers right .04) staff are not getting leave when it is necessary and harasment is increasing day by day.
             In this regard one resulion has been passed to DIVISIONAL RAILWAY MANAGER GUNTAKAL.

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  1. I am Asst. Loco Pilot working in Palghat Division of Southern Railway. I came to know about the RTI reply just two days ago. I wouldlike to get a copy of the same. kindly send a copy to prajeshbnair@yahoo.com. thank you