Sunday, June 20, 2010


Risk Allowance Extended

The Staff side National council JCM demanded in the recently held National Council JCM meeting, as per the recommendation of the 6th CPC, all the allowances to be doubled. Regarding the Risk Allowance, they insisted that The Risk Insurance Scheme should be implemented at the earliest, until then the Risk Allowance too should be doubled till such time the Risk Insurance Scheme is introduced.

Now the DOP&T issued an Office Memorandum Yester day regarding Risk Allowance, and it has been decided with the approval of Ministry of Finance to extend payment of Risk Allowance up to 30.9.2010 or till such time the Risk Insurance Scheme is introduced, whichever is earlier. All the Ministries/Depts. are requested to ensure implementation of Risk Insurance Scheme before 30.9.2010. No further extension will be considered thereafter

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