Friday, January 18, 2013

AILRSA/ Guntakal Divisiona / SCRly. Divisional meeting was conducted on 16th January 2013 under President ship of Com. R.Balaramaiah / Zonal Vice President / SCZone. Agenda was –

1) To elect new divisional body for next two years , which was long due.
2) To chalk out the program amongst all branches of Guntakal division , which was adapted in CWC/Kalyan on 5th & 6th Jnuary 2013.

The following office bearers are elected for two year ( 2013-2015 ) unanimously .

Divisional President                         Com. S. Gangadharan Loco Pilot / Mail./GTL
Divisional vice President                   Com. S.Md.Farooq. Rt.Loco Pilot / Mail/GTL

Divisional Secretary.                        Com. G.N.Shaw. Loco Pilot / Mail./GTL
Additional Divisional Secretary          Com. M.C.Sekhar. Loco Pilot / Pass./TPTY
Divisional Organization Secretary      Com. S.Sher Khan Loco Pilot / Mail / GTL

Divisional Treasurer                        Com. Sk.Khayum basha Rt. Loco Pilot / Mail
Additional Divisional Treasurer         Com.Kommaiyya Sr,ALP/GTL 

Divisional Working Committee members -----

Guntakal Depot-                             Com. K.Hemant Rao Sr.ALP
Gooty Depot-                                 Com. C.Purushotam Loco Pilot
Nandalure Depot-                          Com. C.Sreedhar ALP
Renigunta depot-                          Com.S.J.Rao ALP

2.This house passed a resolution to implement all the action program , which was passed in CWC/Kalyan on 5th & 6th January 2013.

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