Monday, April 15, 2013

why not be Alert always..?..



                                               GOVERNMENT OF INDIA (BHARAT SARAKAR )
                                             MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS( RAIL MANTRALAYA)
                                                            ( RAILWAY BOARD )
No-ERB-1/2013/23/16.                                                         New Delhi, Dated25.03.2013 ( signed on 04/04/13)


Ministry of Railway ( Railway Board ) have decided to constitute an Empowerd Committee to finalise a mechanism for a new formula for running allowance.The committee will consist of the following officers--

1.Excutive Director / Pay commission-I , Railway board                                      Convener
   Excutive Director / Mechanical Engg(Tr.)Railway Board                                    Member
  Excutive Director /Elect.Engg(RS),Railway Board                                              Member
  Excutive Director Traffic Transporation(F), Railway Board                                 Member
 Excutive Director Finance(Estt),Railway Board                                                   Member

2.The term of referance of the committee will be as under-
        a)To determine the quantam of pay element in running allowance and
        b)To review the exiting formula for calculation of rate of running allowance and evolve a new formula.

3.The HQ of the committee will be at New Delhi.

4.The committee should submit its report within a period of 3 ( three)months from the date of its constitution.

5.The convenor and Members of the committee will be eligible to draw TA/DA as admisible under the extant rules.

                                                                                      DEPUTY SECRETARY (Estt) -II
                                                                                              Railway Board.

all including General Secretary AIRF/NFIR
Be alert by......... in coming storm my Dear Loco Pilots.

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