Friday, September 30, 2011


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Anup Ghosh 8:24pm Sep 28
yesterday, One of the cl-ass 1 LP From MB Division Died During Duty on 13308 Kissan Exp...The Senior ADRM & DME & Loco Inspector were travelling in the Loco...LP Told them that He is not feeling well & want to have treatment at Rampur....But ADRM & DME did`n let him out from the loco at Rampur....They told him that He can get treatment at Bareilly jun.. they informed the Doctor of BE stn....At BE stn, LP got out from the loco & laid down on a bench, after that no one did`n came expect only a "JHOLA CHAAP" Pharmacist....The LP died on that Bench after suffering for 2 hrs.....The Loco Inspector had drive that train From MB to BE.....Now all the LP of MB & BE r going to do a strike against ADRM & DME & Loco Inspector......Their demands r 

1.Put a FIR against ADRM & DME & Loco Inspector

2.Loco inspectors r not allowed to drive a train or Loco, so loco inspector have to give clarification to DRM of MB division.

3.The Doctor of BE stn. should be suspended..(He was gone with his wife on a dinner, while LP was suffering to death on the BE stn.)

But the senior railway official is matter ko Dabaane ki koshish kar rahe hai.....

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