Friday, January 13, 2012

5 killed , 14 injured in jharkhand rail mishap

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Five passenger of the New - Delhi bound Brahmaputra  mail train were killed and 14 others are injured when a sleeper coach of the train derailed after being killed by a stationary goods train in northern jharkand on Wednesday morning.six  railways officials are suspended and a probe was ordered.

low visibility due to fog and goods train having a faulty engine were cited as possible reasons for the impact between the s-9 sleeper coach of the Dibrugarh-new Delhi train and the goods train at Karanpurato station of jharkhand;s sahibganj district,under eastern railways,at round 5:50am.the suspension of six  officials-- three on duty in the goods train  and other three working at the railway station- pointed at human error and dereliction of duty as the mishaps sources.

according to Indian railways PRO  Anil saxena, The brhamaputra mail was hit by the goods train ,which had also come from dibrugarh,as the later started rooling from another line.the pantry car of the train also suffered damage.the injured were rused to local hospital for treatment.four of the dead people were identified till evening.

The railways has announce ex-Gracia compensation of Rs. 5 lakhs for the kin of each dead and Rs. 50 thousand for each of the grievous injured. Those with miner injury will be get Rs. ten thousand. Railway minister Dinesh trivedi expressed his heart felt condolence and asked the commissioner of railway safety ( ester en circle ) to probe and summit a detailed report. said officials.


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