Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Subject: Head on collision in between subarban EMU PASSANGER on last night at PHULIA/ER at 19:51

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From: Tanmoy Roy  Sun, 08 Jan 2012 16:29:39 
You and others
The last night train accident at Phulia station reminds us the mishaps
of Gaishal,Uttar banga express at Sainthia and jnaneswary express

   The details of the accident at Ranaghat-Shantipur single line
section in Sealdah DIV/ER Railway at Phulia station are given

  The up Santipur local was receiving at loop line of Phulia station
for crossing with Dn Santipur Sealdah local which was due to enter the main line.

  According to source --- statement   R.S. Yadav the LPP/down train
noticing the put back of home signal and then observing the caution
home signal for main line but the train entered the loop line and
occurred the HEAD ON COLLISION with the up train .As a result on death and about 60 men was injured.Expecting pubic panic the LPP of up train Mr.Manaranjan Ghosh fled.

  According to the statement given by railway authority Mr.R.S.
Yadav passed the home signal in danger condition and the train was

 He noticed that the chips of speedometer was removed without any witness.

 It is not clear that even if the LPP cross the danger signal in and
enter locking panel controlled  by station ..how the down train could enter the same line where the up train was occupied.

 At present EMU passenger likewise trains are servicing under
recommendation of ERMC which was violating the HOER. Each LPP has to perform 15 to 17 over night duties and they have to stay 48 hrs out of home station.There are very short rest break in between 2 to 3 train working in a day in our tremendous busy suburban area.More over it should be noted that one man train operation is undoubtedly dangerous.

 AILRSA has submitted Memorandum against the present link.But no remedial measure has been taken.

 We think that the accident took place only due to the present
unscientific and inhuman link .It  has been noticed in our Sealdah DIV. without any proper infrastructure,huge vacancy  of LP/ALP, lack of proper psychological test, train services beyond traffic capacity are being done by goods driver---- are the cause of day by day mishaps. All this  irregularities are being supported by some other Federation leaders only for giving political popularity.

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