Friday, February 24, 2012

DIVISIONAL DHARANA IN FRONT of Divisional Railway Manager.

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 As per Central Working Committee direction , Guntakal Division has organize  its members and sat in protest of long pending demands , which Railway board is not considering.OUR DEMANDS---


                                                G.N.SHAW addressing the gathering. 
He has explained all the past agitation and program, which had been adapted by AILRSA..and thanks to the labour minister , who have taken a keen interest in forming NIT( National Industrial Tribunal ), who is going to look after all the demand of loco running staff association.He has badly condemned the attitude of recognize trade union for their negative and cheating role in all level.Railway was set a high level safety review committee and reports released on17th feb2012.but we have a several doubt that how railway will adapt and implement those recommendation, when it is facing a financial crisis, since railway minister it self  once stress that  until fare increases , our project will not complete.The implementation needs one lakhs caror rupees within five year plan.
Few recomendation of this commitee are very goos as -
1)Power to sanction  cash award for good performance in safety related matters  should be enhanced  to three times.

2)Add.general manager ( safety ) post to be created on zonal levels.

3)All the newly recruited Assistant Loco Pilots should be Diploma holders instead of present Matriculation/ITI holders.

4) Cader of diesel and electric running staff should be separated in the present operating environment having large number of loco variant of both side . 

But I have a doubt that Railway will very much fear about this type of implementation because one day administration will have to loose and most of post would be occupy by loco pilots .He has  requested  to all new comers and new loco pilots to join AILRSA  without any fear . we have a legal fighting and one day we would win .Unitedly we would win ,if divided we have to loose.

                        S. GANGADHARAN Divisional President addressing the gathering.
                                R.Balaramaiah Zonal vice President addressing the gathering.

Div.President raised the local issues and corruption in posting , transfer etc.Links are very tights , there by medical categorization as well as death cases in running staff are increasing day to day.we are forced to go in other divisions and long distant , which may lead to fatigue and unsafe to railway and general public life.

                                       VEER GARJA ..ALP/GTL  addressing the gathering.
                                          PATHAK ALP/GTL addressing the gathering.

                              A.PRASAD Add.branch secretary/GTL addressing the gathering.
                                                            A view of Gathering
DHARANA was conducted from 10.00 hrs to 13.00hrs. As per CWC one memorandam was submitted to DRM for  1)HON'BLE MINISTER FOR LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENTS /NEW DELHI 

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