Sunday, July 8, 2012


Get your clock at

Dear loco pilots .

.. what is your duty during , when most of trade union are cheating your privilege and constitutional right frequently ?

 Are you support those who are humiliating you , depressing you and not fighting for your right ? 

Around six years past after six pay commission.... but we are not provided our genuine grade pay , mileage arrears etc.What more time is necessary for negotiation / cheating to running staff. We must have much believe and expectation in judgement of NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRIBUNAL , which is a constitutional body to listen the argument of both sides.

NIT was set up after a long agitation and failure of negotiation process with railway administration by running staff .The pay commission report is a recommendation by the commission which gov. may accept or reject totally or accept partially.where as NIT is court preceding and speaking order , which will passed giving justification after listening both side. In many incidence it has observed that order of the President of India after the judgement of the supreme court upheld the death sentence was challenged by the supreme court Advocate Mr.Garg and supreme court stayed the President of India order of confirming death penalty and redirected the president of India to pass a speaking order regarding the death sentence.

Dear friends some trade unions are misguiding running staff about setup of NIT and they are raising question which is totally baseless and like empties knowledge .This is a high time to organize our self in banner of whom ? who seriously fighting and sacrifice for right of running staff.Be careful with divisive forces who want to brake the real trade union activities and make the worker slave of the administration.


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