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Resolution adapted in CWC meeting held at Gaziabad on 18 th & 29th July 2012.

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     Ref: ………………                                                                                    Date: 02.08.2012

The Chairman,
Railway Board,
New Delhi.


                    Sub.:- Resolution adopted in CWC meeting   held at GZB on 28th & 29th July 2012.

I enclosed herewith submit the resolution adopted in our CWC meeting which has been held in our central office, GZB for your favorable consideration.


                                                                                                     (M. N. Prasad)
                                                                                                 Secretary General 


1.      The 6th Central Pay Revision had effected an increase in pay of Central Government employees in the form of Grade pay which was introduced in addition to then drawing pay. The drawing pay as on 1-1-2006 of Running Staff was 2.116times of Basic pay and the revised pay chart for running staff was divided with a multiplying factor of 2.116. Assistant Loco Pilot s appointed after 1-1-2006 and before 31—8-2008 ie the date of 6th CPC implementation in many divisions are still denied the fixation of their pay as per the fixation chart specified for the running staff, but fixed at the minimum as specified in schedule II of  the order. Hence they are not enjoying the increase in pay equal to the others. So we demand to issue a clarification order to fix the pay of those employees as par with running staff chart to undo this anomaly.

2.      In the absence of a clear order on the issue eligibility criteria of loco running staff for higher classes of quarters different depots are following different criteria. This meeting demand Railway Board to issue clarification order in the line of eligibility of privilege pass and departmental examination be issued immediately.

3.      After 6th CPC City Compensation Allowance is merged with Transportation Allowance. CCA was granted adding 30% pay element for running staff which is now denied arbitrarily. So we demand to bring Transportation Allowance           under rule 25 of Running Allowance rules 1981 and to allow 30% enhanced             rate of Transport Allowance.

4.      The direction of Railway Board vide para E 8 of its letter dated 14-06-2012, which asked the CLI’s to council the family members of Loco Running Staff on the ill effect of inadequate rest and alcoholism is highly objectionable and hence we demand to withdraw it. All the family members for loco running staff are well aware of the need of rest for running staff. Moreover the ill effect of alcoholism will disturb the families before it starts affecting driving. So this direction is totally meaningless. But at the same time efforts of management to penetrate into family matters using the administrative powers on the employee is the culture prevailed during the age of slavery and hence undemocratic.

   5. The uniform allowance being paid to staff nurse is Rs.7500/- per year and the washing allowance is Rs.4440/- per year. At the same time the cost of pant bit and shirt bit being supplied for running staff {including Loco Pilot(Mail)} who are always described as backbone of Rail industry is Rs.117/- and 12.50 respectively. The stitching allowance is Rs.135/- and Rs.60/-ie in total annual uniform allowance to loco running staff is Rs.438.5 per year against Rs.11940/- for staff nurse. Experiments for the past many years undoubtedly proved that Railway Management system in ineffective to procure quality cloth for its staff. So we suggest allowing uniform allowance on par with staff nurse to running staff too as a remedial measure.


6.      We welcome the directions from the Ministry of Railways dt.14-06-2012 as a positive sign to go deep into the reasons for the so called human failure in SPAD cases, which was demanded by us since long. This Association had raised voice against the unfriendly loco cabs, confusing signaling system, inadequate and insufficient rest, denial of leave, working in short cut method ignoring safety item, amounting unnecessary stress and strain on Loco Crew by way of unmatching penalization etc. We have been drawing the attention of Rly. Administration on these issues through the various forms of agitations before administrative offices, loco sheds, and before labour forums like RLC,CLC, Labour court, Tribunal etc. We are happy to see that most of the points raised by us find a place in the said direction.

          It is the considered opinion of this Association that non fixing the correct priority among the 54 points of the Railway Board direction, will become counter productive. For instance before recruiting sufficient staff in the cadre, increasing the number of LIs will end up in increasing the stress of over work on Loco Pilots. This Association is of firm opinion that without much change in the present infrastructure, the following points can be implemented immediately and hence urge for instructing Zones/Divisions to implement the same.

i.                    Stop under rest calling immediately and drop all penal action already taken place in this score (Point No. C-16)

ii.                 Stop threatening staff who seek relief after working 8 hours in Goods and 6hours in Mail &  Express trains and allow  L.P (G)  to de-energies /

shut down the loco and take them to nearest running room/ head quarters by first priority(Point No. C - 5).

iii.               Grant leave liberally upto the specified quota of 30% without any restriction.

iv.               Amend the road learning rules to minimize validity period to one month. (Point No. C-3).

v.                  Amend periodical rest rule to allow calendar day rest as PR. (Point No. B-4).

vi.               Cancel resumption from leave/sick &PR at night hours. (Point No. E-10).

vii.             Withdraw all criminal cases initiated on running staff for train accident and issue necessary changes in rules to that effect. (Point No. E-16).

viii.          Re draft all crew links with 6 hours duty, restriction of 2/3 night duties, calendar day rest, sufficient rest in between two trips, bringing crew to HQ within 36 hours and bifurcating different tractions. (Point No. E-10,C-6,B-4,C-16,C-13) and reduce the number of men in crew links. (Point No. C-3).

The following decision are taken in CWC meeting which is held at GZB on 28th & 29th July 2012, presided over  by central working president in absence of Com. L.Momy our President who is now  under medical treatment.

Organization Program

1.    Convention at Zonal  level on safety implementation of minutes of officers’ meeting in Railway Board on SPAD NIT and other local issues as under:-

E.C.Rly     :-    ZWC on 18th August 2012 at Dhanbad
                        Convention on 23rd August 2012 at SNP
N.E.Rly     :-    ZWC on 22nd Aug. 2012 at Gorakhpur (GKP)
E.Rly.        :-    Convention on 13th Aug. 2012 at BWN.
N.F.Rly.    :-   7th Sept. 2012 ZWC Followed by convention

W.Rly        :- 16th Sept. 2012             Com.Luna Ram will discuss with 
N.W.Rly    :-17th Sept.  2012             other Zonal secy. and finalize the place
W.C.Rly    :- 18th Sept. 2012                and make the reservation accordingly.


S.E.C.Rly. :- 21st Sept2012                          ZWC Followed by convention                                                                                                placed to be decided by Zones and my                                                                         reservation to be made accordingly.
ECO Rly.  :- 24th Sept 2012
          S.C.Rly     :-         
                                                      Com, T. Hanumaya
                                                      Com. K. C. Jems, Com. Ravi Chandran ‘C’ and
                                                      Com. Parthsarthy will discuss with the Leader and
          S.Rly         :-                         fix up date according to their convenience.
         S.W.Rly.    :-

2.    It is decided for joint movement with AIGC on common issue and to make it success. a joint committee is formed as under

   Joint convener    :-  Com. M. P. Deb        AILRSA
                                   Com. S. K. Sukla      AIGC


AILRSA                                                       AIGC

i) Com. M. N. Prasad / Secy. Gen.   i) Com. A. K. Srivastava                                                                                        WR/Sec.General.
ii)   Com. N. B. Dutta / SER                          ii) Com. B. R. Singh / President                                                                                            AIGC/ECR
iii)    Com. Chandan Sarkar / ER                   iii) Com G. Burman / ER
iv) Com. Ravi Chandran ‘C’/SR                 iv) Com. R. K. Sharma / NWR
v)   Com. Lunna Ram / WR                         v) Com. R. C.Gupta / NWR
vi) Com. H. S. Bhadoriya / SECR               vi) Com S. Murgeshan / SR
Vii)Com. D. S. Koparkar / C R                   vii) R. N. Dixit / NR

It is further decided that the similar committee should also be formed at Zonal and Divisional level and the whole process for constituting   the committee should be completed within four months.

3.    Each Zone is advised to sent Rs. 7000/- without any further delay to meet up the expenditure of NIT.
4.    The dues amount towards KUR/ECOR victimization should immediately  to be sent through central treasurer.
5.    Com. Sanjit Sarkar / Zonal Secy./ NFR is sanctioned Rs. 37,000/- from central fund to meet up his medical expenditure.
6.    Southern Railway is sanctioned Rs. 50,000/- to meet up the expenditure for engaging the Advocate for NIT.
7.    In addition to Zonal convention, zonal committee is advised to take a decision to hold the divisional convention also at their own convenience in which the central committee member belongs to respective zone along with the zonal office bearer should attend.
8.    The CWC expressed its dis satisfaction on absentees of zonal secretaries and central office bearer and advised be serious and insure their attendance in such meeting.



                                                                                                                                         M. N. Prasad
                                                                                                                                 Secretary General

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