Thursday, August 30, 2012


Get your clock at

1) The Divisional Railway Manager /GTL.DIV.
2)The Senior Mechanical Engineer /C&W& Power /GTL. Div.
3)The Senior Divisional Safety officer /GTL. Div
Respected sir 

Subject- Notice for Relay Hunger Fast in front of DRM Office in Future.
I enclosed herewith submit the
resolution adapted in our DWC meeting which has been held today in our GUNTAKAL Branch office for your favorable consideration.We welcome the direction from the Ministry of Railway dated ….14 June 2012 as a positive sign to go deep into the reason for the so called human failure in SPAD (Ref.Lr.No.2004/M(L)/466/7101 dated 14 th June 2012 ) which was demanded by us since long .This Association had raised voice against the confusing signaling system, inadequate and insufficient rest , denial of leave , working in short cut method ignoring safety item, amounting unnecessary stress and strain on loco crew by many ways etc.we have been drawing the attention of Rly .Administration on these issues through the various forms of agitations before administration offices.We are happy to see that most of the points raised by us find a place in the said direction. If 54 point of Railway Board direction are not implemented will become counter productive .This Association is of firm opinion that without much change in the present infrastructure , the following points can be implemented immediately ..

1) Stop under rest calling for duty.
2) Stop threatening staff who seek relief after 8 hrs in goods and 6 hrs in mail/exp.
3) Grant leave liberally up to the specific quota of 30% without any restriction.
4) Amend the road learning rules to minimize validity period to one month.
5) Amend periodical rest rule to allow calendar day rest as PR.
6) Cancel resumption from leave/sick&PR at night hours.
7) Redraft all crew link with 6 hours duty , restriction 2/3 night duties, calendar day rest , sufficient rest between two trips , bring crew to HQ. within 36 hrs.
8) GTL Division Pass/ Mail/Exp/links to be drawn up to DMM/WD/CT only .
These are long pending demand Your kind intervention is requested to reach an amicable solution at the earliest, to avoid the said fasting in near future.

Divisional Secretary

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