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 Branch President--

           Com.Sd.Humauun.                                                                            GUNTAKAL
 Branch Secretary--          
          Com.A.Prasad.                                                                                  10.12.2012

Divisional Railway Manager,
Guntakal Division,
Guntakal, S.C.R.
Respected Sir,
                        Sub: - A.I.L.R.S.A Guntakal Branch meeting & its Resolution-regarding.

                        AILRSA Guntakal Branch meeting was conducted on 10th Dec’2012, 10.00Hrs at AILRSA office, Guntakal under the Chairmanship of Sri G.N.Shaw, Divisional Secretary, Guntakal Division, S.C.Railway. The meeting has passed the following resolutions for your kind redressal please.
            a.) Newly implemented crew links w.e.f 26th Nov’2012 are violating the HOER and also not fulfilling the suggestions/conditions framed by the Railway Board in Lt.No. 2004/M(L)/466/7101, minutes of the meeting regarding SPAD cases held on 14-6-12 at New Delhi.
            b) .The Railway Board has stated that every efforts is to be made to restrict absence of running staff from HQs within 36 Hrs. Saying that it will not be operationally prudent to restrict this duration to 24 Hrs vide RBE.No. 37/2010.
            c) AILRSA/GTL Branch demanding all crew links to be revised as per above railway board instructions without any delay.
            i)          Cut off Tr. No. 17307/17308 (GTL-SUR-GTL) at   WD.
            ii)         Cut off Tr. No. 12627/12628 (GTL-SUR-GTL) at WD.
            iii)        Cut off Tr. No. 16593/16594 (GTL-SBC-GTL) at DMM
            Above are increases consecutive 6hrs, night duty between 22:00  to 06.00 hrs and longer hours working.
            iv)        Cut off Tr. No. 57437/57438(GTL-HUP-GTL) at  DMM since crew are not able to avail sufficient rest at HUP because after working train number 57437 ,
               a) Crew has to perform shunting at HUP yard. 
               b) Crew has to wait for shunting movements for hours together.
               c) Sometimes it will take 3 to 4 hrs.,
               d) More ever it is regular practice that the LP (P) of GTL Depot has
                    been forced to perform shunting at  HUP yard and     
               e) Force to work the Tr.No.57438 in under rest.  It’s nothing but a real
                    harassment to GTL crew at HUP. So AILRSA strictly demands cut of Tr. No. 57437/57438 at DMM (or) Provide shunter at HUP yard.
           v) In Crew link No.3 (20 LP) from Tr. No. 17415 (GTL-UBL) to Tr. No. 17308 (SUR-GTL) there are total 7 nights continuously which is purely violation of HOER.
            vi) Crew link No. 4 of 26 LP: - From Tr. No. 14416 (GTL-TPTY) to Tr. No. 11027 (GTL-RU) there are total 7 nights continuously. It is a violation of HOER.
            vii) Crew Link No. 5 of 10LP (M):- The trip Tr. No. 15015 (GTL-DMM) onward - Tr. No. 12731/12732 (DMM-GTL-DMM)/ and Pilot by T.N:- 57438 (DMM-GTL) w/o proper rest is cheating the staff in & by violating the HOER and showing PR  in advance of 28:35 hrs of following the trip is false in nature after  on duty & working 12731 DMM-GTL at 00.03 hrs. Mentioned in the crew links continue on duty to work 12732(GTL-DMM) at 02.40 hrs from arrival to departure, gap between two trains is 02.37 hrs in the  mid night and also after working 12732 GTL-DMM crew has  directed as Rt. to HQs by  Tr. No. P/57438 at 08.10 hrs w/o rest, as per HOER this is not acceptable. 
viii) Crew link No. 10 of 22 LP (P):- Cut off Tr. No. 5747/57472 at NRE it’s more than 6 hrs duty at a stretch in passenger link which in hence more tension to LP due to more no. of stopping’s, reception on Loop lines, frequently required more extra concentration, now it’s necessary to revise it and follow RBE-37/2010.
ix) Crew link No,-1 and Crew link No.-2  will be better , if merge together and make it 9 LP link or make Crew link No.- 1 as 4 Men’s link or make a Rajdhani link with Rajdhani, Garib Rath and Durante Exp together between SC-GTL & YPY.
x) In Crew link No-1,2 & 5 having Pilot working Ex. GTL-SC-GTL ,GTL-SBC,YPR-GTL, GTL- UBL etc .but ear- marked berth are not allotted in those trains. Kindly provide ear marked accommodation in those trains or CCC/GTL should made reservation according to trains & date.
x) Trains are leaving according to public time and Crew has to be ready accordingly. AILRSA request to make link as per public time table.
            a) Crew beats to be published and notified to staff through notice board.
            b) Implement 10 hrs duties strictly.
           c) Do not harass, or Black mail, staff it asking relief.
           d) Bring back goods crew with in 36 hrs to Hqs.
           e) Allow crew to avail required 22/30hrs.PRs 5/4 in a month respectively.
           f) Avoid over time working.
           g) Fill up Loco pilot goods vacancies as per requirement immediately.
            All Mail/Exp/Pass crew links are framed with 22 hrs periodical rest except link No. 01 of 3 LP, which is not sufficient to look after all the needs of family welfare in time.  More over choosing of periodical rest 30 hrs/22 hrs is the employee’s sole discretion but not administration.
            The running allowance committee-2002 observed it in para 6 of chapter-III of its report and it recommended that “The four rest of 30hrs duration in a month should be given Regularly and provision of five rests of 22 hrs should be used occasionally” The committee clearly realized the in adequacy of rest of 22 hrs. the running staff could not fulfill social obligation with this 22 hrs rest, even night bed rest crew cannot avail .Therefore AILRSA is demanding   that our periodical rest should be 30 hrs in all crew links and though there is a provision of compensatory rest in lieu of PRs foregone in the HOER but not been granted to any running staff till now and the foregone PRs may run into hundreds of days.  Hence we demand to issue a binding assurance that the staff will be granted 4 Nos. PRs of 30 hrs in a month without fail in case of PRs foregone, compensatory rest is to be granted without fail within one month as per HOER.  We demand that a separate record of PR, PR foregone, CR in lieu of PRs fore gone of every running staff should be maintained for effective implementation of HOER and such a register shall be open for scrutiny by the running staff.

            “An aspect which is of great importance in ensuring a driver’s well-being and alertness on duty is the condition of Running Rooms” observes by Railway Safety Review committee – 1988. Renigunta, Yeswanthapur(SWR), Wadi (CR) , Nandyal  Running rooms are very worst in condition for meals.
Renigunta running Room: - all beds, bed sheets and Mosquito nets are in pettiest condition. At present subsidized meals are being provided in Renigunta, Nandyal, Yeshanthapur Running Rooms but not in a satisfactory way. Many crew are avoiding to take the subsidized meals as the quality is very poor, though railway board are prescribed certain norms for quality of  running rooms and supply of subsidized meals , are not maintained by the contractors and their primary intention are  to make profit.  The officials and Supervisors of the railways who are entrusted with monitoring of the running room & its maintenance in fact are in hand in glory with the contractors.
            Particularly in YPR/HUP running room of SBC Div (SWR) our railway employee are suspecting that there is a very big scam in that running room. Subsidized meals system is only in notice board, there are no cooks, no stove and no vessel. The contractors people supplying cheep quality & outside food to crews. If crews are not willing to take that food they are paying Rs. 17/- for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.  The running room care taker hiding the complaint book and whenever demanded, he has to give reply that compliant book is with Sr.DME. So AILRSA suspect that in this scam all officials are also involved.
            Guntakal Division officials are paying more interest to implement zonal link and sharing of trains but they are not assure/ensure  the facilities available at other division/zone  running rooms to their staff .This is very shame to us. All other division/Zone crews are enjoying the facilities of Guntakal Division running room except Renigunta Running room. Therefore AILRSA demands inspect of Renigunta and Yeshanthapur running rooms and immediately necessary action to be taken.

5) Miscellaneous:

(a) LP Postings : Some Sr.ALPs are attended  promotional course of  LPG  and after successful completion of LP training in DTTC/GTL, ETTC/BZA and ZRTI/MLY and even those got competent certificate from above officials , one CLI  made them unfit for promotion as LPG , there by Sr.DME denied the promotion. Which is injustice and unconstitutional for right of employee, AILRSA/GTL Branch demand to arrange another LI to recouncel them and make them fit, if eligible.  Your imminent intervention expected. Those employees should be given three chances to improve themselves.

(b)  Extended Run : Our Guntakal crew are forced to work in other railway zone without  undergoing their G&SR  training and  competent certificate issued by  their ZTC/ZRTI/ Zonal training Center/School, which is highly unsafe practice and no one permitted to work any train, in any section w/o validity of certificate of those Railways. Kindly arrange to send all LP for their ZRTI for training or cancel Zonal link immediately.

(c) Grievances Register : Grievances register provided in the lobby but all staff are not satisfied because many grievances are not dealt properly in time and written reply are not provided in this regards. So the existence of Grievance register in lobby is dubious.

(d) Guntakal lobby condition:
(1)  Loco Inspectors are working as chief Crew Controller. Chief Crew Controller posts belongs to amongst the Loco Pilot. So depute / select and fill up it with Loco Pilot of Guntakal Depot immediately.
(2) Loco pilot goods are working as Shunters instead of trained Sr. ALP’s are available. (3) Long standing Chief Power Controller / Power Controllers / Crew Controllers to be sent to open line immediately and fresh selection to be conducted. New LPs should be given opportunities to work as CPRC/PRC/CC.
(4) Stop harassing staff by CCC/GTL by not granting leave, not issuing sick memos, not allowing to take PR, forcing staff to work out of turn and under rest.
(5) Fill up all Loco Pilot vacancies (in Mail/Pass/Goods/SHR/ALP) immediately.
(6) Maintain 30 percentage leave reserved.
(7) All LP/ALPs should be utilized in Mail/Pass link as per their seniority, since out of term encouraging corruption among staff.
(8) Some LPs and ALPs are utilizing for non running duties (as a Clerk) years together, they are not having LRs in any section even having acquitted Crew position in Guntakal depot and they are claiming full mileage.  Why only that particular staff are utilized for non running duties for years together. Is only officials are benefited from them?
(9) Please arrange toilets for on duty staff in Guntakal lobby, this is the very minimum requirement of work place, all staff are feels very difficulties in emergencies. Long back Sr.DPO/GTL has issued order in .this regards but till not implemented.
(e) SPAD:
These cases are increasing in GTL Division even though divisional authority is on mute spectator in taking proper remedial action. Workloads are increasing day by day many folds on Loco Pilots; LP’s are denied their privilege and social welfare by branch Officers. AILRSA GTL Branch request divisional authority to re-think deeply and implement the order of Ministry of Railway (Railway Board).  Lt.No.2004/M/(L)/466/7101, New Delhi dt. 14/06/2012 this was addressed to all GM’s to make efforts to implement.
We expect our demand would be consider in positive manner with suitable justice towards Guntakal depot running staff privilege.  We are always a front runner to improve the economy and safety of Railways.
                                                Thanking you sir
Yours Comradely,                                                                                

(Sd.Humayun)                                                                                                ( A.Prasad)
Branch President                                                                                  Branch Secretary.
 AILRSA/GTL                                                                                                AILRSA/GTL
Copy to -
1). Member Mechanical / Railway Board 2). General Manager / South Central Railway
3). CME / SCR  4). ADRM / GTL 5). Sr.DPO/GTL 6.) Sr.DME/C&W/P/GTL 7). DME(P) / GTL 8). ADME(P) / GTL 9). Sr.DSO / GTL 10). CCC / GTL 11). ZS/SCR/AILRSA & DS / AILRSA  / GTL Division 12). BS / SCRMU / LRS Branch / GTL Division 13). BS / SCRES / LRS Branch/GTLDiv. 14).All India OBC Railway Employees Association/GTL 15).All India SC/ST Railway Employee Association/GTL.

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