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RLC/Hyderabad , AILRSA and South Central Railway

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Lr.No01/2012/Grievances/AILRSA/SCZ DATED-30-07-2012.


Letter.No.SCR/PGTL/530/iii/ALC/RLC/HYB.Dated 02-11-2012

a). Forced to work continuously for 15-20 hrs.

GTL Division is not allowing any person to work beyond 13 Hrs from sign ‘on’ to sign ‘off’

b) Not given weekly off (PR) for weeks together

Periodical rest , compensatory rest granted, to the running staff department wise are furnished in the enclosed Annexure’A’. Every effort has been made to give required number of PR in spite of huge vacancies.

c) Forced to work away from their HQ for more than 3 or 4 days.

The average detention hrs including home station rest in the range of 13-18 hrs at home station and 09 hrs at out station detention which includes out station rest.GTL not allowing any crew to stay away from HQrs for more than 96 hrs.

d)Forced to work upto 6 comsecutive night duties, citing steam era HOER Rules which stipulates a impracticable and inhuman duties.

It is policy matter

e)Forced to work double the distance, in name of crck special and extendedcrew run.subject them to serve fatigue and inhuman condion of work, endangering the safety of personel and railway.Instead of reducing the length of crew beat , of late NDL staff are forced to work from DHNE to NLPD , by passing the HQ and working into other Division.

A crew has to work minimum of 120 Kms in a trip and maximum is not defined. Presentaly, the crew beats are less than 120 Kms which are under revision to achieve effective utilization of crew.

f)Not granted leave even in an emergency,forget about other domestic need and special obligation.

The leave is sanctioned to the running staff in accordance with the merit of the case of indivisual of the running staff who have requested leave.The details of leave availed by the running staff depot wise are furnished in the enclose Annexture-‘c’

g)Staff who fell ill and refused to be taken on sick list by Railway Medical officer under the telephonic instructions received from the CCC/Branch officer.

Railway Medical Officer is the independent authority to take his decision based on the health condition of employee who reported to Railway Hospital to take into sicklist or not irrespective of the advise/request any excutive authority.g)Staff who fell ill and refused to be taken on sick list by Railway Medical officer under the telephonic instructions received from the CCC/Branch officer.

h)First and First out rule is not observed at out station in SC Div.

Pertain to SC Div.

2) Demand regarding coaching Crew Link- 6hrs working .night-2/3 and withdraw the zonal link.

Maintenance of roster i.e.crew links whether 10 hrs rule is followed strictly.The crew link are implemented in accordance with HOER  and the 10 hrs rule focused as 75% on average.

3) correct assessment of sanctioned strength and filling of vaccencies regarding.

The procedure for assessment of sanctioned strength is advised by HQ/Railway board .These instruction are followed in to-to. Regular selection are being conducted for LP(M) & LP(P) categories.Once the currency of panel is exhausted , the division is taking immediate action to conduct selection.To meet the requirement in the intervening period , the senior most LP(G) of a depot are being utilized to run coaching trains after screening by the Excutive and safety officer committee.

4)Maintain crew link for coaching crews links strictly. book according to link.

Crew is booked as per links. Due to casuality only the links are being disturbed

5)Irregularities in sanctioning and calculating Periodical Rest (PR).

Every effort has been made to give required number of PRs in spite of huge vacancies.

6) a. Withdraw the unsafe instruction , insisting the running staff to maintain consistent MAX. Permissible Speed &  b) Stop running of goods train without Guard.

a) Technically there are no unsafe condition in running of trains at MPS.

b)Running w/o Guard is policy matter.

7) Provide ear-marked accommodation for the Running staff , who go or come pilot ( Travelling spare on duty

It is a policy matter.

8)Stop issuing unwarranted charge sheet to the running staff for failure , attributable to other department.

No charge sheet are issued where the running staff are not held responsible during preliminary enquiry and after accident enquiry findings.

9)Running Rooms condition.

All the running rooms in GTL Div. are equipped as per Railway Board norms.

10)CCC post is to be manned by Running staff only and not by a running supervisor.

There are 2 CCC posts are available in GTL. Both are filled with running staff.

11)Nepotism and blatant violation of rules in the inter- divisional transfer.

There are no irregularities in inter divisional transfer of crew in GTL Div.

12)Par pending over time allowances arrears.

OTA is being cleared timely in GTL Div. The arrears for the period 01.01.2006 to 30.09.2008 have been paid. Annexure-B

13)Up gradation of ALPs regarding.

Completed in July-2012.

14)Grant of transport allowance.

Pertains to BZA Div.

15)Instruction for substitution of Points man in place of Guard for GDR check is to be withdrawn.

It is policy matter.

16.MACP to be implemented urgently.

The issue is being referred to HQ.

17.Double manning of EMU/DEMU/DHMU/MEMU.

It is the policy matter.

18.Impliment minutes of Railway Board Meeting.

Minutes of meeting are the aggregate suggestion by participant. These cannot be considered as governing/policy matters.

19. Payment of PLB through bank.

It is a policy matter.

20.VCD  activation in Diesel Loco motive.

VCD are provided to ensure the alertness of engine crew and to protect the train from any unusual in case of non- alertness of engine crew.


Sd-R.Prabhakar.for DRM/SCR/GUNTAKAL DIV.

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