Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"failed" bureaucrats become saints after retirement.

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         In an apparent attack on former CVC Pratyush Sinha for contending that one-third of Indians are "utterly corrupt", Law Minister Veerappa Moily today said "failed" bureaucrats become saints after retirement.

    "When few top officials who could have made a difference in office... having failed to do so, become saints after retirement. When I was abroad recently, I came across the comments of a retired bureaucrat who said in a media interview that every third Indian is corrupt," Moily said.

      Moily was apparently referring to the remarks of Sinha, who recently retired as India's Central Vigilance Commissioner, that almost one-third of Indians are "utterly corrupt" and half are "borderline".

     Though he did not name Sinha, the Law Minister termed such remarks as "travesty of truth", and that "no one has the right to discredit our nation"

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