Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LETTER TO EDITOR...........................FIRE...........

Get your clock at C
    The editor.
Dear sir,
  I am  a    regular reader   of  fire
  magazine  .I havegone through
 theAugust.2010 edition and it is
realy outstanding in all aspect.I couldnot stop to congratulate
 Erode because his art of
expression aboutappathy condition
of     loco pilots inIndian Railway
in various mode as story are apperantely wonderfull.
He  has   placed  the true picture of locopilots  life as wel as   family 
condition.It is evident in role of mamma(mother), Medini(WIFE)and
I as a locopilot in  'A FRVOLOUS MURDER (story) of AUGUST-
2010 edition of FIRE magazine.I think vrprakash means Very 
Revolutionary Prakash.very...very..thanks for his outstanding story.
       alass......our Railway official try to understand us at least in dream.My warm thanks to all editorial board,press and writers,whose contribution can not be ignore at all. I will make a
suggession to impliment colours in next edition apart from black and
        Dear, Sunish-kindly remove word verification from your blogg
since reader are getting problem to post any comment in your post.
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