Friday, July 30, 2010


Deccan Chronicle 50 Years Ago
Centre clarifies staff dismissal
July 29th, 2010 ,edition
New Delhi, July 28: The Central government employees convicted during the recent strike will not now necessarily be dismissed from service, it is learnt here.

The Government of India has now sent instruction to heads of departments asking them to deal with each case of convicted striker on merits and according to rules. This is in clarification of the instructions they sent last week asking heads of departments to terminate the services of convicted employees.

Under the Government Servants’ Conduct Rules, any employee convicted in a court of law can be removed from service without any further disciplinary proceedings or show cause notice. Last week the Centre had asked the heads of departments to take action against all those employees convicted during the strike under this head.

The present clarification would now make it appear that the head of the department must give a show cause notice, look into each case on merits, go into past records and inflict a suitable punishment which need not be dismissal or termination from service but could be a lesser one like reduction in rank, withholding of promotion.

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