Sunday, July 25, 2010


Railways blame subsidiary IRCTC for catering mess

Squarely blaming subsidiary IRCTC for the mess in catering management in trains, Railways today said there was no other option than taking over the job.

“Complaints over the quality of food served in trains were increasing and IRCTC was not addressing them properly,” Chairman of Railway Board Vivek Sahai told reporters here.

Railways announced the new catering policy yesterday, taking over the catering responsibility from IRCTC.

“Though IRCTC was responsible for food quality, the blame was coming on Railways directly,” he said adding, “So we decided to take over the responsibility by ourselves.”

The new policy has clearly spelt out that Railways shall progressively take over management of all mobile catering services including base kitchens, pantry cars and all food stalls in railway premises.

About the need for bringing a new catering policy, he said, “A policy was introduced in 2005.

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