Saturday, July 3, 2010


R.A.NAIDU Sr.ALP approached CC/IC/RENUGUNTA. for 3 days leave, since his wife was admitted in hospital in vijayanagaram due to delivary pain. CC/IC bluntly refused to grant leave though the crew position was very slack. Emploee approached Sr.DEE/RU, afterspeaking to CC/IC on phone ,Sr.DEE advised the employee to perform duty and take leave from next day with no other option ,he performed duty.As such he was not available with his wife at crucial time when she delivered the baby.Unfortunately the next day also he could not proceed due to floods and cancellation of route trains.At last employee informed the same and submitted application for cancellation of leaue,but CC/IC refused to cancel the leave.Furthur on intervention of staff, he has cancelled the leave. This is a one of the instance of harasment unleased on running staff day by day .GOD also dont know? when running staff will get leave in one approach.

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