Friday, December 17, 2010

goods train engine derailed,traffic hit.

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    DEC.16.2010.  Rail traffic remained suspended for about four hours when an engine of a goods train derailed at the railway station in Kurnool in the early hours of Thursday.However no one was injured in the accident. According to sources,the engine derailed when it crossed a broken track.With this official halted several trains approaching from chittoor and Bangalore.Rail authority halted the Bangaluru express in Kurnool and Venkatadri express at Dupadu station near the city.
       Several trains were stopped at Dhone railway station.Official diverted the K.K. Express and Egmore express en rout Adoni,Raichur and Guntakal.Later they sifted passenger in 35 APSRTC buses at kurnool and sent them to Hyderabad.Passenger trains bound to Guntakal,Secunderabad and Kurnool were canceled.Railway authority examined the accident spot and took up track restoration on war footing.Rail traffic was regularized around 11 am.
 sources--daccan chronical.

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