Monday, December 20, 2010

Letter to Honable Minister of Labour.

Get your clock at
        The Minister for Labour.
          Govt. of  India.
          New Delhi.
             Ref:-RLC (C)New Delhi Letter No.ND.8(17) 2009-PA Dt.12.10.10 /01.11.10.
             Above referred letter of RLC(C),New Delhi and our representation to your honour of dt.19.10.10 which is enclosed herewith for ready reference will give you the full picture of our demands.proposed our agitation program and intervention of RLC(C).new Delhi by calling us and the railway management for setting the issue through conciliation and the conciliation at later stage end with failure after delivering the matter about one and half year without any positive result due to negative attitude of the Railway Management.
              Now,I therefore ,on behalf of the organization,request your honour to refer this matter to National Industrial Tribunal for adjudication,in order to maintain the industrial peace in the Railway.
     with thanks,
                                                                                       yours sincerely.
    Dated: 02.12.2010.                                             (M.N.PRASAD)
                                                                           SECRETARY GENERAL

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