Saturday, December 4, 2010


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        Most popular tax saving schemes fall under section 80C .You can claim a deduction upto Rs. one lakh under this section.Some of the schemes are here---
      01.Life insurance premium.
      02.Contribution to employees provident fund.
      03. Contribution to public provident fund.
      04. National saving certificate.
      05.Unit link insurance plan.
      06.Repayment of principal for housing loan.
      07. Equity link saving scheme of mutual funds.
      08. Tuition fees. This includes admission fees or college fees paid for full time education of any two children     of the tax payer.
     09 Infrastructure bonds issued by banks or financial institution such as REC,PFC etc.
     10. Pension scheme of LIC of india or any other company.
     11. Fixed deposit with banks having a lock-in period of five year.
                         Avail this opportunities ,if you can.

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