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        Zonal working committee meeting (SCR) was conducted  on 19-12-2010 in Brahma lodge in Secunderabad.The chief guest was com.M.N.PRASAD.Secretary general all India of AILRSA.meting WAS STARTED WITH TWO MINUTES OBSERVANCE OF CONDOLENCE ,IN MEMORY OF LATE.COM. C.S. NARSIMHA.who expired in last month.he was a strong warrior of AILRSA struggle and a witness of 1981 all in strike of loco men in Indian railway.he worked in many category and carried out all transfer and posting,spread the light of AILRSA in all depot.he was dismissed from service ,since participated in 1981 strike.He never accepted any recommendation for him self ,even though he got a good approach and relation with LATE.P.V.NARSINGH RAO.P.M. of India.
         Zonal president of K.surya kumar addressing the gathering and spoke a little word about our beloved leader late com.Narsimha.
        ALL INDIA SECRETARY GENERAL-COM.M.N.PRASAD JEE addressing the members.
   com,M.N.Prasad stress on unity among running staff and told that SCRly is historical place in AILRSA struggle.Day by day railway increasing the work load on staff and not looking on privilege of staff positively,particularly loco pilots of Indian railway.He met several times to railway official,but always they says,matter is under consideration in particular department.Our struggle must be continue,we should not keep quite either achieve/defeat .and more over AILRSA could not be a broker as other trade unions in Rly.If our struggle defeated ,we can revise but once we got a  broker name ,it is very difficult to clean it.
      Now-a-days our mental setup are changed,accordingly we have to change our struggle pattern.Our status should be change but during fixation of our scale of pay,it was badly disturbed,we were ignored by Railway board during all our privileges,which is not acceptable.Many recommendation sanction by finance ministry,but railway board is not implementing it immediately.
      In his speech ,prasad in lighted all the past program adapted by AILRSA,and  what is the progress.Our conciliation met with chief labour com/new delhi. railway board is failed Now we are waiting for  labour ministry order,to refer our this matter toNational Industrial Tribnal for  adjudication .He express concern about role of recognize federation and alerted  staff to be careful .Div.linked changed to zonal railway planing to implement out of zone link,which will  create more panic and  staff will suffer many fold.Now-a days LP and Alps are getting same training,there  by they may charged with same punishment during any unusual occurrence,then why pay are differ.Our effort made railway board to setup a separate welfare inspector,who would look after all HOER cases and they and all G.Ms are advised to see no running staff work more than 10 hrs and stay out station more than 36 hrs.even though it is not fully implemented.
      He call this meeting on 22-01-2011 at Nagpur from 10 hrs and requested all members to attain w/o fail.
 The date of Delhi rally/Dharana is fixed on 28-02-2011 and the serious preparation should continue without any elusion.
                                      Members of AILRSA of different branches of different div.
                                     Members of AILRSA of different branches of different div.
                                                S.Gangadhar,G.N.Shaw and Kankaiah.                       

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