Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mobile usein pregnancy tied to ill-behaved kids?

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     LONDON.Moms to be ,please note-regular use of cell phone during pregnancy could cause behavioral problem to your offspring,says a new study.Researcher at the university of California and the university of south California have found that the risk is even higher if the offspring start using mobilethemself by the time they are seven in the study.In the study involving 29,000 youngster,the researcher found ,children who were exposed to mobile phone in the womb and then i early childhood were 50%more likely to have behavioral problems aged seven than youngsters exposed to neither.
           Only being exposed to mobile phones while in bomb was linked to a 30% increase, while youngster are exposed to in childhood but not in the womb were 20% more likely to display abnormal behavior.The daily Telegraph reported. 
            The study is the second such research by the same team to find such an association.When the result from both study were combined,more than 10% of children exposed to mobile phone in pregnancy had mothers who spoke on them at least four times a day.while half women had their phone turned on at all times.PTI.


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